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Container 2: The Second Shipment

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This is an expansion to the game Container and introduces four new concepts; Luxury Items, Economy of Scale, Corporate Financing and Monopolies. These are designed to be added separately or as a whole. Additional $1 and $2 cards are also included.
Luxury Containers – In addition to the other containers, players add 12, 16 or 20 gold luxury containers to the supply. As a pre-turn action, a player can convert two containers in his factory or harbour to a gold container, pricing it as he wishes.

Factory and Warehouse Restrictions – These two expansions work similarly, consisting of sets of cards that are stacked in a particular order. As you build more factories (or warehouses), a new restriction card takes effect, limiting the prices at which you can offer containers.

Financiers – Players can now loan money directly to others, allowing them to earn the interest previously paid to the bank.
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