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Dungeons & Dragons Essentials: Heroes of the Fallen Lands (EPHB)

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Exciting new builds and character options for the cleric, fighter, ranger, rogue, and wizard classes.

This essential player product for the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game presents exciting new builds for the most iconic classes: the cleric, the fighter, the ranger, the rogue, and the wizard. Each class comes with a set of new powers, class features, paragon paths, epic destinies, and more that beginning players can use to build the characters they want to play and experienced players can plunder for existing 4th Edition characters.

In addition to new builds, this book presents expanded information and racial traits for some of the game�s most popular races, including dwarves, eladrin, elves, halflings, and humans.
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Excellent Introductory Players Guide
By camazotz from New Mexico. - Sep. 11, 2010

"This digest sized full color book includes the basic rules for character generation as well as five "builds" based on the core classes of standard 4th edition D&D: the slayer, knight, mage, thief and war priest. Each build does an excellent job of being distinct and interesting (for both standard 4E games as well as Essentials) while being easy enough for beginners to figure out. Many new ideas, powers and concepts introduced here will likely be tempting to add to standard 4E games, as well. The book includes rules on equipment, magic items, and other features that are fully self-contained (when used with the Rules Compendium) while also being a good supplemental resource for your regular 4E game. Newer players looking to graduate from the Red Box set will want this (and soon! Red Box only covering levels 1-2 while this covers all 30 levels of advancement for the classes provided)and vets like myself will find it offers some great alternative class approaches."
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