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Qin - The Warring States RPG: Xianyang (Tian Xia 1)

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�Xianyang, the capital of Qin and the most beautiful city of all Zhongguo. Her streets are bright and clean. Her districts are ordered and peaceful. Her population enjoys the peace which the order brings and her citizens can go about their daily business without fear. But more than all that, which differentiates Xianyang from her sisters of the other Kingdoms, is her heart!

This city vibrates with an energy rich and strong, her life pulsates through her avenues, her spirit inspires her inhabitants. Xianyang is the ideal, a city with multiple facets, and inexhaustible richness.

And me, I am the guard of this noble soul, at the same time father, husband and brother of a city which history will remember as the glorious one capital of an Empire called to last ten thousand years and more. And there is nothing I wouldn�t do to preserve her beauty, her force, her identity.� Chao Guang, governor of Xianyang

Xianyang is an essential supplement for Qin: the Warring States roleplaying game.

The first book of Tian Xia, not only contains the first four scenarios of an epic campaign but also describes the fabulous capital of Qin, under all its aspects: her history, operation, political organization, population, secrets, etc.

Rich in information, Xianyang allows Gamemasters eager to submerse their players in the wonders of the city and interact with the inhabitants within one of the largest cities of Zhongguo, capital of the most powerful of its Kingdoms.

Xianyang contains:

� A detailed description of the capital of Qin (including its history, its geography, its many districts, the royal City, its organization, its secrets, etc).

� Deatils of more than seventy characters populating this large city (from simple workman to powerful ministers and courtesans) without forgetting the major historical figures of the time (the King Ying Zheng, Li If, Han Fei Zi, Zhao Gao, etc).

� Complete information on the secret services of Qin.

� The first four scenarios of the Ti�n Xia campaign, which propels the players to the forefront of affairs and will lead them to play a key role in the great History of the reunification of China.

Size: 144 pages, Softcover, 8.5� x 11�
Interior Art: B&W
Author: Romain d�Huissier, J�r�me Larr�, Kristoff et Neko
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