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[General Military] Knight

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The knight in shining armour charging across the battlefield has become an iconic figure of the medieval period. Yet behind the popular image lies a world of the knight that is both more complex and more fascinating. This book uncovers the myths to reveal the true knight warrior, examining his equipment, arms, and armour, his steed, his ‘career path’, and of course his ‘chivalric code’. It also investigates the role of the knight in law and justice, and in feudal warfare. Lavishly illustrated and drawing on first-hand accounts from the knights themselves, this book reveals the world of the knight in all his glory.

*1 Origins and ancestors
*2 Equipment, arms and armour
*Training and tactics
*4 Combat
*5 Chivalry and the knightly code
*6 Civilian and courtly life
*7 The end of the knight
*8 The knight as icon

Author: Robert Jones
Hardback; October 2011; 240 pages; ISBN:9781849083126
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