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The Suzerain Adventurer RPG: Core Rulebook (Mojo Rules)

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Time to Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

Suzerain (n): An ancient word meaning “master” or “overlord.”

Play a Viking berserker, a cyberpunk, or Zeus himself... these groundbreaking rules let you do it all with ease. Discover a fantasy world where people can change race, post-apocalyptic Wilderlands with strange and powerful mutations, a cyberpunk city hidden in a bubble from The Goddess herself, or a swashbuckling fusion of magic and musketry.

The Suzerain Adventurer brings you a completely new rules system. All you need is this book to get started as it contains all the core rules and setting material to start exploring the worlds of Suzerain with.”

• Setting and rules under one cover

• Lots of gear, creatures, and other items from across the Suzerain multiverse

• Four introductory adventures, set in distinctly different Suzerain realms
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