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Victoriana RPG: The Concert in Flames

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The Old Faiths of Europe have long been choking under the dominance of the Aluminat; many formerly potent gods have found themselves limited to few worshippers or subsumed into the Aluminat orders of angels and saints. One dark god, no longer bound by the weakening powers of others in his pantheon, has decided to strike back.

As the industrial revolution sweeps across Europe, many people are discovering the hard way that there are more cogs than drivers, and cogs can be too easily replaced. Their dire circumstances fuel agitation for social revolution. This in turn is encouraging governments to become even more repressive and pushes Prussia ever closer to creating a new great power in the heart of Europe.

The servants of the dark god is tapping into this angry energy and using it to open a portal. Should they succeed, then an old god will walk the Earth with power that rivals the Aluminat and threaten the balance of power. The Concert of Europe will go up in flames...
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