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Whizz Bing Bang

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In Whizz Bing Bang, a quick card game for 3 to 6 players, players take turns reading the top card of the deck, which will dictate their action: Whizz: Game play continues in the same direction. Bing: Game play changes direction. Bang: Game play continues in the same direction, but skips the next player. Boom: Everyone must slap and leave their hand on the Boom while saying ''BOOM!''. Penalties for not complying with the top card of the deck are distributed in the form of tokens, with one token of each sound per player Whizz, Bing, Bang, Boom in this order. The game ends when one player gives his Boom token away.

Players: 3 - 6 | Playing Time: 15 minutes | Ages: 8 +
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