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Galactic Strike Force: Core Game

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Galactic Strike Force: The Cooperative Deck Building Game

Thousands of years ago, the galaxy was ruled by a brutal, half-divine Emperor who controlled access to the stars through a series of rift gates. The rule of the Emperor and his Demi-Autarchs was brought to an end by the Acherontic Cataclysm, a failed test of a doomsday weapon that fused portions of reality with the transdimensional planes.

Today, the galaxy is divided among myriad factions, each vying for control of systems and resources. Interstellar transit is achieved via the dangerous internodes, transdimensional space temporarily brought in contact with reality.

In Galactic Strike Force, up to six players each control a member of a rogue Strike Force assembled to struggle against galactic threats that the major powers lack either the motivation or strength to face.

Galactic Strike Force is a fully cooperative game for 2 to 6 players. Each player begins the game with a Strike Force ship panel and a unique, eight-card deck which represents their ship and its crew. Arrayed against the Strike Force is one of five Opposition fleets, spread across a number of different sectors. Rather than players having individual turns, the game rounds proceed through five phases, in which the players act simultaneously. They Travel from sector to sector, Requisition cards from various stations, and Install their Tech cards in hand to upgrade their ships. Then, the Strike Force may engage the Opposition in Battle across every sector; however, while the Strike Force has been preparing their assault, the Opposition has grown ever more powerful. Finally, in the Aftermath, the Opposition forces gain resources when unopposed and add strength and numbers to their fleet. Ultimately, the Strike Force must work together to drive the Opposition from their systems and to final defeat.
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