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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Dragons Unleashed

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Dragons invade the world of the Pathfinder RPG in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Dragons Unleashed! This collection of deadly foes and potent allies reveals 15 of Golarionís most powerful and influential dragons, from cunning draconic manipulators to great wyrms capable of testing even the most experienced adventurers. Dragons of every chromatic and metallic breed fill this collection, along with mysterious primal dragons and regal imperial dragons. Each entry includes full statistics for running the dragon, details on its history and ambitions, ways to use the dragon in an ongoing campaign, descriptions and maps of the dragonís lair, the contents of its vast hoard, and more.

Unleash Golarionís ultimate monsters on your game with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Dragons Unleashed!

By Savannah Broadway, Joseph Carriker, Adam Daigle, Steve Kenson, Patrick Renie, F. Wesley Schneider, and Tork Shaw
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