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Flames of War: Meshah Meykaneykeyh Company HQ

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The United Arab Republic followed Soviet doctrine, supporting their tanks with mechanism infantry batallions, Kuteybh Meshah Meykaneykeyh (pronounced kur-tee-bah moo-shah mee-kan-ik-ee-a) in Arabic, mounted in six-wheeled BTR-152 armored transporters. The infantry carried a mix of AK47 assault rifles and locally made semi-automatic rifles, backed up with Soviet RPD machine-guns and B-10 recoilless guns, which the company commander could assign where they were most needed.

includes one Command AK47 Assault Rifle team, two RPD LMG teams, two B-10 82mm recoilless gun teams, one Small three-hole base & four Medium four-hole bases.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
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