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AE-Bounty: Alien Encounters Bounty Core Rulebook

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Alien Encounters: Bounty is a science-fiction miniatures game set in the distant future of a galaxy shattered by greed. Players pit bounty hunters, mercenaries and pirates against one another in an effort to eke out a living among the chaos of the galaxy. The game is intended for use with the Darkson Designs line of AE-Bounty 'true' 28mm models but is compatible with any 1/48 scale models or miniatures.

AE-Bounty lets players build crews of pirates, mercenaries, and bounty hunters, equip them with a variety of deadly weapons and useful gear, and then fight it out against other crews looking to score big as dregs of the galaxy. Players use a flexible points-free crew creation system to build their forces, selecting units, heroes, aliens and gear to create a powerful force they can use against other players. Players can mix and match the various alien races and fully customize the weapons and equipment of their units, giving players countless options from which to construct their crew.

The rules make for exciting, fast-paced games that can be played in anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. Games of AE-Bounty can often be decided quickly with one side achieving victory over the other in a few short turns. Alternatively, battles can drag on, with neither side able to break the other as each player desperately tries to eliminate their opponent. With a three-pronged victory condition system, each scenario of AE-Bounty forces players to attempt to achieve primary and secondary objectives as well as keep in mind the money they earn on their mission; games of AE-Bounty can often end in ties, such are the harsh realities of conflict in the galaxy.

Scenarios of AE-Bounty can take place anywhere the players' imagination can take them, from the surface of a harsh and forbidding planet, to the corridors and compartments of a starship deep in space. Players can choose not only from a wide selection of scenarios but also the locale where these battles are fought, making each scenario unique.

Each player of AE-Bounty controls a crew, which can have as many as fifteen models or as few as two. This smaller model count makes it easy to collect enough miniatures to get into the game quickly, without the need for a large investment of time and money.

In addition, it keeps games fast and fun. The rules allow for multiple crew games, giving players the option to expand the game to a larger scale with little need for adjustment to the rules.

AE-Bounty is a fast, fun and easy game that both new and experienced players alike will enjoy for its unique system. We have presented here a game that gives players the freedom to create countless fun and exciting battles.
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