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Battleground: (Fantasy Warfare) Monsters & Mercenaries Starter

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Monsters & Mercenaries is the newest expansion for Battleground: Fantasy Warfare, the award-winning tabletop wargame that uses cards rather than models to represent your troops. Monsters & Mercenaries introduces flying to the Battleground system in the form of two fire-breathing dragons. This faction is also uniquely designed so that its units can be hired by players using other factions, making it a must-have for all Battleground players.

Starter Deck
Half-Orc Sword (3)
Half-Orc Spear (2)
Wildmen Archers (2)
Wildmen Sword (3)
Wild Horse Archers (2)
Ogres (2)
Healer Mages (1)
Elementalist (1)
Hill Giant (1)

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