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Pathfinder RPG: (Adventure Path) The Dead Roads (The Tyrant’s Grasp 1 of 6)

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The Dead Roads (1 of 6): The calamitous return of the lich-king known as the Whispering Tyrant pitches the heroes into the land of the dead, but alive and intact. When the psychopomps—guides for the deceased—are at a loss to explain their unusual arrival, the heroes must navigate a treacherous landscape along the secret Dead Roads that tie the afterlife to the living world. Can the heroes survive otherworldly dangers and return to life, or will they fall to the reaper?

The Tyrant's Grasp Adventure Path Summary

The heroes awaken already defeated—slain by a superweapon unlike anything seen before on Golarion. They must fight their way back to the land of the living and warn the rest of Lastwall of this new threat in the grasp of the newly returned lich-king long thought consigned to history. Will hubris damn the last bulwark against the Whispering Tyrant's return? And can a handful of heroes stand against one of the most ancient threats ever to loom over Golarion?
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