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Sailpower: 2.0 Rulebook (Deluxe Edition)

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Recreate the High Adventure and Glory of The Age of Sail!

Are you the master of all commanders? Are you the scurviest of sea dogs? Have you ever secretly felt you'd have made a great pirate or could have defeated the great sea captains in a ship to ship duel?

Sailpower is a miniatures game that allows the players to take on the role of a captain in the Age of Sail. Command small ships, large ships or even a whole squadron. It's your call! Battle other ships, or embark on a mission seeking plunder and riches while giving your enemies the slip. Sailpower is a complete system designed to support fast paced sea action, exploration and adventure. You can play Sailpower on a small table with a couple of ships, a big table with many ships, or even a floor battle with your ''sea'' covering the whole room!

Expanding the Great Adventure!

After 2 years of revisions and development, this second edition Sailpower rule book contains:

- A fully revamped layout including revised and improved rules.
- New gun types including light cannons, medium long guns and more types of shore batteries.
- Expanded rules for small boats, forts and shore batteries including more effective hot shot!
- Over 150 ship templates, including many historical ships from the Napoleonic, Revolutionary War, Golden Age of Pirates, War of 1812 eras (including ships from the Battle of Lake Erie).
- Several versions of certain historical ships are provided to represent different points in the life of the vessel, such as when they first launched, when they were refitted, when they were up-gunned or captured.
- All new expansive faction rules for many sea powers including the East India companies, the Dutch Navy, the Barbary Coast Pirates, and much more!
- New rake rules, often player requested, add to the crossing the T maneuvering advantage.
- New expansive port and tavern rule system, allowing players to recruit, buy and sell cargo, sneak into an enemy port, and even get into a bar fight!
- A full exploration and treasure system allowing players to use shore parties to search various locales on the play-surface and find and or fight for all sorts of hidden goodies such as ship upgrades, exotic cargoes, additional crew, repair materials, stranded travelers, and epic treasures!
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