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Sentinels of the Multiverse: Benchmark

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Meet the latest offering from RevoCorp: Benchmark. He is the hero against which all other heroes will be measured.

With all of the shady dealings RevoCorp has been involved in, it's hardly surprising that they have been playing both sides of the field. They were waiting to unveil Benchmark when a carefully calculated villain plot had disabled many of Earth’s heroes, but OblivAeon seemed an even better opportunity! Either, Benchmark would save the day, positioning RevoCorp as both corporation and savior, or everything would be destroyed and it didn’t really matter then, right?

In an alternate reality, Benchmark is the only hero left in a world that needs heroes desperately. Backed by the angel-investor funded RevoCorp, Benchmark does all he can to protect the world. Benchmark is running up against a classic economic issue of Supply and Demand. So, when a portal opens to a dimension with a threat against all reality, Benchmark must join the fray.
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