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Squadron Strike: Romance of the Seven Realms

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Space Fighter Combat for Squadron Strike

The Lucasian Cluster balances on the knife-edge of war, as Good Queen Carrie, the Fisher Queen, tries to rally the Seven Realms to unity against the YENSIDI HEGEMONY....

Using heirloom fighters against the numberless hordes of Yensidy star fighters are the Knights Orbitale, heirs to the traditions of chivalry and nobility.

For numbers alone are no match for those who are pure of heart, and able to tape into the mystical powers of Elan!

This product brings heroic space fighter combat to Squadron Strike, using an homage to 1930s-era serials with a dash of Arthurian Romance. This product also includes The Flight of the Fisher Queen, a Cooperative Microgame of the Royal Resistance to the Yensidi Hegemony. It adds optional rules to Squadron Strike, and is completely supported by the AVID Assistant.

1-3 hour playing time
2-6 players, scales well to flying multiple ships.
Supplement for Squadron Strike (ADA 17000), the boxed set is required to play.

If you have customers who play X-Wing Minis, this appeals to the same demographic. Particularly for customers who are, or were, casual players -- there's no ongoing ''the best collector wins'' dynamic to squeeze out new players.
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