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Ancient History Magazine: Issue #31

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Ancient History Magazine 31

Theme: Travel and tourism in antiquity

Gary J. Shaw, 'Ancient Egyptians look abroad - From traders to fantastic tales'.
Jennifer Finn, 'On godhood and impossible knots - Alexander's travels in Egypt'.
Carole Raddato, 'Hadrian tours the empire - The restless emperor'.
Stephen DeCasien, 'A Roman passenger at sea - Knowing the ropes'.
Murray Dahm, 'The Periegesis of Pausanias - Travelling Ancient Greece'.
Jo Ball, 'Military tourism in the Roman world - The lure of the unknown'.


James Blake Wiener, 'Exploring South Arabia's ancient kingdoms - Yemen: from Sheba to Jerusalem'.
Hareth Al Bustani, 'Riding with the Bedouin warrior-poets of Arabia - Vengeance and honour in the desert'.
Manon Henzen, 'Ancient Rome's fishiest condiment - Garum: bug business, big flavour'.
Louise A. Hitchcock, 'Plagues and the Bronze Age collapse - Naue II swords, germs, and iron'.

....and much, much more!
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