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Dropfleet Commander: PHR Dreadnought

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Introducing the biggest ships that Dropfleet Commander has ever seen. The PHR Dreadnought comes in at a massive 215mm long (from nose to manoeuvre fin), putting it as the biggest - and bulkiest - PHR ship.

This set includes parts to make either the PHR Romulus or the PHR Remus Dreadnoughts. With 30 Hull Points and 2+ Armour, the PHR Dreadnoughts are the toughest ships in the game, with potent weaponry to boot. All of their main weapons also have the option to be overcharged, doubling their damage.

Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled with a multi-part plastic base. Note that this is an advanced modelling kit and may need small gaps filling and pieces gently heated and bent to fit.
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