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Dungeons & Dragons RPG: (Fifth Edition Fantasy) #24 - The Prism of Redemption

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Goodman Games is proud to present Fifth Edition Fantasy #24, The Prism of Redemption. A fallen celestial is in desperate need of redemption! Will the heroes heed the call, leading to a plane-hopping adventure through the looking glass to collect enchanted gems? After a series of boss battles, the adventure culminates in a confrontation with a massive dragon. The Prism of Redemption is an all-new double-length softcover adventure suitable for 12th level characters. Based on a 2021 Team Tournament, it includes the original team scoring system, but is suitable for campaign use as well. The adventure is fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s first fantasy role playing game, and is ready to drop into your home campaign. Written by H.H. Carlan with cover artwork by David Griffith. Made in the USA.
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