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Gamemaster's Journal: Monster Memoir

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The Gamemaster's Monster Memoir is designed as a journal for you to catalogue all the various beasts nd monstrosities you've designed for your world. Each chapter offers various blank forms and documents to help detail all the information you need for your games.

Chapter 1 - Legendary Monsters: Here you will find those major monsters of your campaign. World serpents, demigods and giant kings, dragons, and liches. You have plenty of room for details, stats, and of course their lairs.

Chapter 2 - Standard Monsters: These forms are single page documents that should give you plenty of room to include all the stats and details needed for most common creatures, the format often found in most bestiaries.

Chapter 3 - Monster Collection: These forms are for you to quickly document creatures you have included in your campaign from various published materials. You can list the name, book the creature is located in, page number, and notes.

Chapter 4 - Monster Documents: The final chapter includes various forms you
will nd useful when dealing with creatures. These include documents for
creating site-based encounters, customised random encounter charts, and some
hex and square maps for your use.
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