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Hardboiled RPG: Mystery, Mayhem, & the Macabre

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Hardboiled is a roleplaying game of the 1930s–40s pulp detective action where you play regular folk who have decided to fight back against criminal elements running wild in your city. Can you stay true to your principles, even when those you love and protect are threatened? Or will you spiral down into a nihilistic pit of bitterness and blood? Hardboiled is a complete roleplaying game using the vs. M Engine, a rules-light and card-based system that is easy to learn and fast to play. All you need are two decks of regular playing cards and a few friends! This book contains everything to get you started: Straightforward rules to get you in the game in a flash! New rules to determine your character’s personal code. A complete listing of archetypical criminals. Easy rules to help you create your own underworld gangs. Different styles of play: Classic (detective pulp), or Noir (gritty moral ambiguity). Plenty of adventure hooks to get you cleaning up your city!
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