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Infinity CodeOne: Core Rulebook

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New release! Here it is! Finally, the eagerly awaited printed version of Infinity CodeOne has been released.

One hundred and eighty years in the future, humanity has spread through the stars, but internal tensions and a threat from outside could end its very existence.

Infinity CodeOne is the faster and condensed version of the famed Infinity N4 game, keeping its innovative, dynamic and entertaining gameplay, but now streamlined and more accessible. In addition, Infinity CodeOne allows players to scale their games, with a choice of three different options for the number of figures, estimated duration of the game, and size of the playing surface, which facilitates fast games, and with the intense game system of Infinity, in which all players can participate throughout the game sequence.
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Excellent intro into Infinity!
By MarkM . - Sep. 12, 2020

"If the huge amount of special rules and options in Infinity seem daunting to learn, this set gives you all of the backbone rules and systems and allows you to learn how they all can interact before you dive headfirst into the full ruleset. Nothing is watered down, and you won't need to re-learn mechanics going from one to the other; they just limit the options a bit so it becomes less intense for all involved. I used this to introduce my 12yo son to the game. Beautifully illustrated examples, and the book is pretty thin - no enormous tome to have to port around, just the rules and a lot of illustrations of them."
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Full color. Easy to read.
By OliverJ . - Jul. 13, 2020

"Looks like an easier way to play Infinity, but still maintains the core of the game."
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